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  • Store Multiview

    Another recent change is the store multiview, which you probably have noticed already. To improve the general overview, @d0npiano put the store list on the side of the group view, as well as the store detail.

    This way the user can always see the overview map of the group, where all the stores are displayed, while still seeing the more detailed map and the description of the store, which is currently selected, or the group details and all the upcoming pick-ups, depending on the location.

    So basically the store list is now visible on every page relevant to a group, isn’t that great? ;)

    multiview screenshot

  • Recurring pickups

    One of the biggest completed task recently is the implementation of recurring pick-up dates.

    After long struggles with timezones, daylight saving time and the implications of such for a user base that will hopefully be distributed over the whole globe, @tiltec prevailed!

    Now users can create pick-ups as series, meaning that if you know that a store allows for pick-ups e.g. every tuesday and thursday at 6pm, you can enter this with one single command, yay!

    recurring pickups screenshot

    The next step here is to make the series editable, so far you can just create, delete and recreate. But hey, that’s almost the same, right? ;)

  • Welcome!

    A lot is happening on the foodsaving tool pages lately! New features are manifold and motivation is high, as new and old contributors put in unparalleled amounts of time and energy to make this tool and page nice and useful for everybody.

    The most obvious new feature maybe is this blog…^^ A team page also is about to come, to make it more transparent who are the people working behind this project; stay tuned for (hopefully) nice pictures and personal revelations! ;)

    You can visit the latest released version at or the bleeding edge development version at

    Come and join us at or yunity slack!


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